Thursday, April 09, 2009

The twitter truth about Alan's hair. #alanshair

It's very much an in-joke on twitter and perhaps a little bit evilly over on but Alan Costello's new hairstyle became a topic of debate when he announced on Twitter that the locks were going...

Speculation was rife but Alan remained steadfast not releasing the new hairstyle to his adoring fans until today.

Alan's hair before:

Photo by John Williams, taken from

And Alan's hair as featured exclusively by meself:

Reaction on Twitter has been quick - from the complimentary:

to the surprised

to the speechless

to the questioning:

and, before you all chastise the poor guy even further, thanks to the lovely ladies in RTÉ make-up... during:

He's a legend. And his new hair is grand. Honestly.


  1. I like the new hair!!

    (the real new hair :P)

  2. Oh, this is what I miss by not being on Twitter? Right.

  3. What was Alan doing in the RTE studions? OMG, are the vetting him for Pat's job?

  4. Yes Lottie, they needed to wig-fit me for the show, it's a little hush-hush right now…

    And Andrew, it's something funny, hardly the dominant feature of Twitter, there are plenty of blogs that aren't worthwhile, if I took them to be the sum of the blogging world I wouldn't be doing it justice, so don't judge an amazing service on one joke.

  5. So why were paying licence fees for make up girls to play with his hair?

  6. You know I think they make those wigs from Gerry Ryans body hair - that they pull out of the sink.