Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taking some time out. Suspended from Twitter. Laughing hard

This was too good not to blog, despite my self imposed break from it while I contribute to, the new Boards blog and the drain and source of energy and creativity that is the wonderful twitter.

But about 20 minutes ago...

I've been suspended from Twitter. Yep, my crimes of bad jokes, being anti-spam, anti BS and general mischivousness has finally caught up with me.

Click for bigger version

I swear, I haven't laughed so hard for ages, simply because I had been marking spammers as spam, ranting about retweeting and telling the usual very bad jokes.

How do all my followers react? Same way I did. Laughing hard!

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So it's over to the Contesting account suspension page on with me to fill in the details.

From the email I received:

If you are suspended, it's most likely for one or more of these reasons::
  • User Abuse
  • a large number of people block the profile or write in with spam complaints
  • aggressive following
  • imbalanced ratio: the number of followers is small compared to number of people following
  • misuse of the reply feature
  • updates consist of duplicate links and/or text
  • updates consist mainly of links and not personal updates
  • updates consist of updates poached from others' timelines, passed off as one's own
  • Technical Abuse
  • updates consist of links pointing to phishing sites, malware, or other harmful material
  • a large number of accounts is created in a short amount of time
  • an account is identified as belonging to a spam cluster
When this happens, we suspend the account for investigation and hide the contents from the public view in order to remove the cause of complaint.

Anyways, I *will* be back to blogging here soon. Promise. Got some stories for you. Stuff that's in my head, my notebooks and my soul.

EDIT: I'm back... - that was quick!