Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm fluffy!

Sorry this has taken so long Damien!

I'm proud of my fluffy badge.

I've stuck it on my jacket, worn it to interviews, around town and to the Meteor Awards, where I think I scared Rick O' Shea ever so slightly...

He put it as

Weird the way a fluffy badge becomes akin to a masonic handshake even in the impossibly surreal surroundings of Krystle nightclub…
I'm now looking forward to swanning around at the Blog Awards with all the amazing people there, proudly displaying it..!

( There should be a Facebook group ;-) )

I got the book, so kindly go away

I know I don't write enough. I'm a lurker, occasional commenter, fluffy badge owner and sometimes argumentative type but I don't sit down to blog often enough.

Things keep getting in the way. Welcome distractions like other, much better bloggers, state-of-the-nation stuff and now Twenty Major's new book, The Order of the Phoenix Park.

So Jaffa Cakes, a good cuppa tea and this book becomes my afternoon - everything and one else can wait.

I bought it today in Borders in Blanchardstown for €10.45. I may have gotten the only copy on display, the "find a book" computer read that it wasn't in stock... but a quick look in general fiction and now it's mine, all mine!

So there you go, Twenty, good sir! I hope the pints were good. I'll let you know if (that!) the book is!