Saturday, February 23, 2008

I got the book, so kindly go away

I know I don't write enough. I'm a lurker, occasional commenter, fluffy badge owner and sometimes argumentative type but I don't sit down to blog often enough.

Things keep getting in the way. Welcome distractions like other, much better bloggers, state-of-the-nation stuff and now Twenty Major's new book, The Order of the Phoenix Park.

So Jaffa Cakes, a good cuppa tea and this book becomes my afternoon - everything and one else can wait.

I bought it today in Borders in Blanchardstown for €10.45. I may have gotten the only copy on display, the "find a book" computer read that it wasn't in stock... but a quick look in general fiction and now it's mine, all mine!

So there you go, Twenty, good sir! I hope the pints were good. I'll let you know if (that!) the book is!

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