Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Why she does what she does

"I believe I achieve an existential pleasure, a reward and validation if my effort for other people helps further their own happiness, and I feel more realised, if my work results in an improvement, achievement or advance... then I am real."
From a Gmail conversation I'm having at the moment. She continually impresses and surprises me in the best possible ways.


  1. I love it. "then I am real", so Velveteen Rabbit! But it's so true--there's something so deeply soul-feeding about helping others, that our efforts seem to return tenfold. She sounds lovely, your correspondent.

  2. Is that how it's done? I've always want to be a real boy.

  3. I agree. To have the ability to help, support, motivate and encourage makes me feel fair dinkum.

  4. this is very inspiring! so curious ;)