Friday, April 17, 2009

I don't know how they did it but I want that phone!

Yep, another commercial post!

So Vincenzo from the Viral Factory was in touch again with the new Samsung viral. I've had a look and while the video looks interesting, my goodness the phone looks great. The quality of that camera looks amazing!

You have to guess how it's done - they did it all in one take, no special effects etc - the comments say twins, a different room and so on. Watching in HD seems to be an advantage.

I am in the market for a HD camera that will help me with interviews, filming and the like. Hermione's recent experiment with the Flip Mino HD had me really interested though Niamh is suggesting the Kodak Zi6 based on this review.

All I know is I want a camera that can take in great quality, with good sound and range and allow me to edit in a simple way and upload directly. Still haven't found it... But that phone looks good.

Anyone got recommendations for a camera?


  1. A Kodak ZI 6 is sitting waiting for me to collect it in the delivery office! Roll on Monday. And if you want a tryout before you buy let me know!

  2. It all depends on how much money you're willing to spend. I'd suggest the Canon HF10/HF100, but that's just because I bought one from my friend in college for a severely reduced price :D

  3. yeah it's gots to be twins - the voice is out of sync. v clever tho.