Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Ireland are now on Facebook and I'd love a tub.

It's just gone noon and I'm starving. To have this in front of me:

Tub of ben & Jerry's Ice cream on a table, surrounded by chocolate pieces, ice cream and a flaming baked alaska

which is about Ben & Jerry's Baked Alaska, vanilla ice cream with marshmallow swirls and white chocolatey polar bears:

A big tub of Ben & Jerry's Baked Alaska

and to see that 'Yes, Pecan' is a mixture of chocolate ice cream with white and dark chocolatey chunks with pecans, walnuts and chocolatey covered almonds

a tub of Ben & Jerry's Yes, Pecan which shows President Barack Obama on the front

Well, it's just torture. Time to go shopping I think. I must actually dig out my Ben & Jerry's scooping certificate - I'm a trained and certified Ben & Jerry's ice cream scooper - one of the best things about working in the cinema, I reckon.

You can become a fan on Facebook here and check out their website.


  1. I need to go to tesco, YUM.

  2. Go away Darragh! Reading that post was just torture!
    My friends are all coming out in a while for a girly night in. They hate me because I told them we could use my chocolate fountain for the craic then remembered its in someone else's house. oops! We'll just have to eat fruit instead.

  3. I think I'm clearing out my local Europsar tomorrow :D

  4. Ah, I posted the link to the Baked Alaska free sample tour last year!

    I don't like the Polar Bears though, they're too hard, they stick to the teeth,same as the Phish. I spit them out... gross eh?

    I'm a bit alarmed by all the nuts in the Yes Pecan! Are they saying he's a monkey?

    Yes Pecan is funny though.

    There's a low fat choc brownie and strawberry cheesecake out at the moment I see. Why don't they do frozen yoghurt here?

  5. Neither of those appeal to me in the there something wrong with me?

  6. Nah, they're not the best. The flaming baked alaska is mad looking though.

  7. Would you believe I was in Dundrum yesterday and at the Ben and Jerry's counter and completely didn't get any? Darn queues...

    Voodoolady: I'd say you're a chunky monkey flavour kinda gal. Either that or Berry Nice. Am I way off the mark.

    Jennifer: Torture in the best possible way! I hope the girly night was good, with or without the chocolate!

    TheChrisD: Any chance of you popping over here with some on your way home?!

    Jo: Free samples? I don't know if I could stop at just one though. I haven't tried the Baked Alaska yet, but I know what you mean about Phish Foof.

    I doubt they're saying Obama is a monkey. Maybe he actually likes nuts?

    No idea about the frozen yoghurt either. Time for an email to info@ me thinks!

    I do love the flaming alaska. I must try one some time.

    Shop Girl: No, not at all. What flavours do you like though?