Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's your favourite film? People in Dublin tell JDIFF

Last month, a video was filmed as part of the 2009 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival where people were asked to name their favourite films. Here it is:

I do apologise. Blame Anthony - he sent me the email saying

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival would like to know what your favourite film of all time is? We need one hundred people to help us with an exciting new marketing campaign that features you!

All you need to do is come along this Saturday the 6th December and have your picture taken and tell us what your favourite film of all time is and then do the same thing all over again to camera. Pictures taken will be featured as part of a fabulous print and online campaign for the 2009 festival.
So I went and I did it and now I'm part of the advertising. In fact I'm apparently on a big poster in the window of Filmbase, Temple Bar, one of the "lucky" ten. People are emailing/texting me along the lines of
"Can you imagine how frightening it was to see your face enlarged by about 100 times plastered on a poster on the front window of Filmbase?"
When we were at the Festival launch on Monday in the Odeon, I walked into one part to find the monstrosity below staring back at me. Bizarre is one way of describing it. The lighting was pink, explaining the poster. Even worse I found out I adorned a pillar outside too.

Jameson Film Festival Poster bearing picture of me with La Vita é Bella (Life is Beautiful) listed as my favourite film.

Poster as described above wrapped around a pillar outside Dublin's Odeon bar

So there you have it. It's the 1997 Roberto Benigni film La Vita é Bella for me, at 2:40 in case you're that interested. In defence of my wardrobe, that was the day I filmed the Hibernian Ad - I don't dress as well as that normally!

What's your favourite movie? Can you limit it to just one?


  1. You clean up well!

  2. Brilliant. Sorry to have missed out on that now myself.

    Vote Darragh Doyle in the upcoming local elections.

  3. Brilliant! Doyle gets my vote.

    (Not possible to choose just one movie - that's a blogpost for another day0

  4. Withnail and I is my alltime favourite. Now just don't ask me to pinpoint my second favourite...Emma

  5. Me in politics? Ha! I think I cause enough trouble...

    Niamh: You should see it without the combing. Oh wait. You do. Frequently.

    Sinéad: Sticks and stones may break my bones...

    Grannymar: Occasionally, yes. Other times I look like the boy from the country I am.

    Anthony: Alcohol is a terrible thing...

    Darren: Of course it's possible. Just close your eyes, make a wish and whistle a happy tune...

    Emma: You know the IFI are showing Whitnail as part of JDIFF this year?

  6. dude i'm in the that video!!

  7. Impossible.

    Ok then, Brief Encounter.

    And Anchorman.

    And Jacques Tati's Playtime.

    And The Royal Tenenbaums.

    And The Great Dictator.

    I'll stop now.

  8. The Conversation. No doubt about it.

  9. Anchorman is best.

    Full Stop.