Friday, October 17, 2008

Ryanair are looking for younger fans with Mr Superfly

Ryanair are trying to "rescue the pop charts" and are now backing the single above to reach number one in the charts.

" 'Mr. Superfly' is a fly with superpowers living in the parallel fly universe of 'Flyspace'.

He came into being when one of Ryanair’s 58 million passengers heard the in-flight music and liked it so much they decided to make a single based on the tune."
The fly-in-question's name is Ryan (geddit?), and there's quite a detailed back story to him, including his work as an Air Traffic Controller, his trip to the Buzzney theme park in Paris and his secret super powers. Perfect kid material and a great memory prompt for Ryanair. Wait for the merchandise, toys, t-shirts and figures free with every kids meal on board a flight...

You've got to hand it to the marketing people. There's his website selling his single (79p) and mobile realtones (£3 a download), you can download his tracks, he's got profiles on Bebo and Facebook and he's got his own MySpace page. The song is being released on November 10th and can be pre-ordered on which is linking through to the main site. The site itself is well designed and fair play, it's an interesting concept that could - pardon the pun - really take off.

It looks like it could be the next crazyfrog, but sponsored. No doubt we'll be hearing "He's fly, he's fly, he's Mr Superfly" on every Ryanair flight for quite a while to come.

God help our ears.


  1. Action figures, cuddly toys, Late Late toy show are all on the cards.

    Once it does what Crazy Frog did and keeps Coldplay off the top spot, I'm all for it!

  2. and here i thought only us crazy north americans didnt like coldplay :-)

  3. Em I couldn't even watch all of the video...let's hope it doesn't 'take off' at all!
    I'm only getting over Crazy Frog!

  4. I never once considered flying Ryanair before this, and now I want to fly with them even less.

  5. Now where did I leave my fly spray?

  6. I feel ill about things like this. This happens very frequently.

  7. Straight to Number 1 I reckon.

    Or, in true Ryanair fashion, a 55 minute bus journey from Number 1 at least.