Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Tune - Endless Art - Dave Couse, Duke Special and Divine Comedy

It's been a week since I was at the Amnesty International Divine Comedy vs Duke Special gig and I'm still thinking about certain versions of songs they performed. One, as covered by Darren was this updated version of A House's Endless Art:

Dave Couse, who performed on the night with Fergal Bunbury and Rike Soeller, seemed to enjoy doing this.

Thanks to a lovely email from someone who reads the blog, I spent some time updating any of the videos I'd shot on the night. The visual quality's not great but the sound is fairly alright. I don't have Andrew's favourite (sorry dude!) but what I do have are the following:

and dedicated to Lottie and her commenter The Bad Ambassador, Neil Hannon singing Our Mutual Friend:

Brilliant concert and great memories from an unforgettable evening.


  1. Damn you Doyle. Sepia ftw.

  2. The original version of Endless Art contained ZERO women, so he got the b-side to consist solely of women.

    A House are kinda crap... have no idea why they're remembered more fondly than The Fatima Mansions(who made the best irish album ever)

  3. Fair play Doyle - a great set of vids.

  4. I just saw this set posted on Youtube and had to drop by to say thank you! It's a brilliantly amusing set and I am so glad you caught it, thank you for sharing!