Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Celebrating Bloomsday: Guinness, oysters and sing-alongs

Image taken from here.

Yesterday was fun. It was the first time I'd celebrated Bloomsday in any way, and where better than Davy Byrnes off Grafton Street to do so?

It was bizarre seeing all the "locals" in the clothes, drinking pints and having a chat. Quite nice really, seeing people "make an effort". Joyce would be proud.

When I saw the special Bloomsday menu including oysters and brown bread, well what's a guy to do?

Well if you're me, you order the oysters, then borrow a hat and jacket from a random gentleman, a copy of Ulysses from the nice English man beside you and pose like this:

much to the amusement of the locals who want snaps:

and then you're faced with the prospect of the oysters. A dish that you have never tried before. Mmmm.

From my limited knowledge of them I know you're supposed to just let them slide down the throat, right? But, erm, how? Especially with Darren on one side (with camera) and Mary on the other (with camera) it adds that added pressure.

So grab a fork...

Hold loosened oyster like so:

Tip back head:

Get that first taste:

which looked like this from the front:

and realise you've got another five to go:

Still it was fun. In fairness the oysters were very tasty but I can see why Guinness and brown bread is recommended.

We met up with Anthony's family, all true Dubs, for whom celebrating Bloomsday is an annual tradition and listened to them participate in a traditional Dublin sing-along - you know, with traditional local songs like, erm, Edelweiss, Fields of Athenry, Pack up your troubles and song of Dublin songs That's Amoré. Sung in that inimitable "Dubalin" drunken style:

When de moooan hits yer eyes like a big piece a pie, dat's a more ay

When your heart dum de dum like a dum dum de dum, daat's a more ay

When you waaaaalk down de streeeat and you know yer not dreeeeeeemin seeynore

Scuse me, but you see, back in auld Napoli, dat's a more ayyyyyy
The night went on. It was fun. There was more fun to be had.

Have to say, as big a ponce as I look in the rigout - I love the expression of the guy next to me in this photo:

Hope anyone else out there celebrating enjoyed it. But if you have any tips on the oysters for next year, can you let me know please?


  1. Those are great pictures Darragh, you look fantastic! Sounds like a fun night was had. As for the Oysters... try em cooked... Rockerfeller, so much better! Course himself would vehemently disagree. :)

    I love the Dublin version of Amore. Classic! :)

  2. I will leave the Oysters to you. The look is more than enough for me thank you.

  3. Hee hee, this really brought a smile to my face, thanks :)

  4. I'll just stick to the Guinness.

  5. Sounds like a party and a half. . . with squishy stuff sliding down the throat! :(

  6. Those photos are class hehe.

    I tried oysters once - can't say that I loved them but I hear it's an acquired taste so I might go back for more sometime.