Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spencer Tunick participants - here's what happened in Cork

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For anyone participating in Dublin on Saturday, Stereotyping's post on his experiences in Blarney yesterday is well worth reading.

"Nudity really is no big thing, we just think it is because we hide it away almost all the time. Those in doubt about the Dublin installation should definitely do it. It’s unlike anything else you could do.

If you never do anything else special in your life, at least you can say you did that. I doubt there was anyone there who didn’t enjoy the experience and it feels good to have been part of something, to have shared a profound experience with a bunch of (mostly) strangers. I felt alive. I feel alive."
You'll find it here.

There's also a great report from Patrick taking part over on Pat and Amy’s Weblog.
"As everyone got dressed, a woman saw Ray D’Arcy, a local radio show host, and shouted, “Ray D’Arcy, I saw your willy!” Then, more quietly to her friends, “I did.”

What did it feel like to pose for Tunick? Again, it wasn’t uncomfortable, and it was surprising how it didn’t even feel like I was nude, really, but rather it felt very normal, very quickly. Everyone was there to have fun and help create a bit of art, and that’s just what we did."
There's a note from the Cork Midsummer Festival Director.

Finally, Twenty's post is funny.
If it were up to me I’d arrest the whole lot of them, charge them with public indecency and send Tunick to jail for 15 years for crimes against humanity.
Does that strengthen your resolve or make you even more fearful? It's a bit of both for me. Lying in bed this morning I was thinking 3 more sleeps. Eeek.

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  1. I am glad not to be in Dublin this weekend or you would want to drag me along!