Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today I have been mostly...

... suffering from man flu (but not like this:

(yeah I know it's ancient, I still like it though)

Agreeing with Twenty Major on Ireland in the old days.

Rereading Mulley's Community Manager post and the comments.

Updating my Remember the Milk tasks.

Watching You Tube vids that I didn't post in The Best of the Web forum over on

Speaking of Forums, K8 the Gr8 points to this one. I reckon Twitter is a forum to be honest.

Thinking of buying one of Lette's Peig t-shirts.

Ever so proud to be on the front page of :) Thanks Fiona!

Still thinking about Rosie's Waking Talking Statue nickname. I also loved her post on the statue in Earlsfort Terrace. Update: Had just finished adding a comment about it and then found this video on Rick O' Shea's blog. Says a lot!

Actually considering doing this. Kinda. Jazz Biscuit has more on it.

Really understanding where Anneelicious is coming from with this. Also see she took me up on the 6 world challenge I set her. Nice one, thanks! :)

Being reminded to get back to Blacknight about hosting following Grandad's hosting advice.

Wishing I was in San Francisco so I could go to this. The necessary $200 - $25,000 is secondary.

Reading @conoro's review of the Nokia N95 8Gb. I have one. I never knew it could do so much.

Thanks as well to @CiaranR for the tips re other software via Twitter

and while we're on the subject, @Ina just pointed me towards this video

how cool is this? (check out her blog)

Discovering a new blog called TheAngryHedgehog.

And not blogging (yet) about

  • The launch of Cinemagic and the film Summer of the Flying Saucer
  • The art exhibition I was at recently in the Cobblestone, Smithfield
  • The Vodafone Bright New Sounds night (but Darren did)
  • Why PJ Gallagher thinks people on Bebo are just a bit strange
  • Sushi in Leopardstown and in Ranelagh - yum yum
  • How Madonna made me realise I'm getting old
  • Why blogging is like being an Antartic Explorer
  • Maser's Art, I Love Lamp and other things I've seen
  • The FM104 gig I was at and didn't like
  • Photos I've taken that should have been great but really, really weren't
  • Winning tickets to see Super Extra Bonus Party thanks to Nialler9
  • Random shots of Letterkenny (though there's some here)
And loads of other stuff. I have to do some work sometime you know! Now, what YouTube video was I looking at?


  1. That's a busy life you have there. And at what point do you get to come drinking with me?

    By the way, that dog thing (more like something Jeff Goldblum created in The Fly) freaked the hell out of me.

  2. NO NO NO that robot headless dog is scary, make it cute and fluffy, but the way it is gives me nightmares!!! and for gods sake why does it sound like bees???

  3. Hey man, nice to "meet" you!Although I am getting slightly light-headed about being added to someone's reader - usually I post about once a month - eek the pressure! - *faints clean away*

  4. Hey man, Cheers for the mention! :-) It's always good to get noticed even in the cyber world. lol.