Friday, April 25, 2008

Having a talk on the faux side - why I'll be naked...

Ever since I saw this mentioned yesterday by Jazzbiscuit, by Le Craic, by Rick and Pat Phelan I've been thinking about whether to do it or not.

Do I really want to get naked for "art" with other people?

I mean is this type of thing really art?

This morning I asked the members on the Faux Sty to vote. I said that if I got over 10 votes, I'd do it.

As of now, there's 11.

I'm doing it.

Thanks to Miamee, New Bee, YorkiePig2, boo, Lou, Jamie, butterfly, pm and Rickistar for the votes. TFS is a great community forum and I like being part of it with you guys and gals :)

Also to the lovely Rosie and JB for saying I should do it.

And I think Mr O Shea may be serious about doing it as well!



  1. Gwan,gwan, you know you want to.

    You could get people to sponsor you to do it.

  2. I considered it for about an eighth of a second and decided that I would not be doing it.

    Doyle, you're mad, but fair play!

  3. Good on ya.. I think I should do it for a variety of reasons and have been thinking about it. I can't decide yes or no this far out though, so I'll wait a while before deciding.

  4. i've been thinking about doing it myself, usually i like to get involved in these things with friends but it'd be a bit weird to ask anyone to accompany me for this one.

  5. it's a good excuse for yer man to gather thousands of photos to blackmail people with.

    it's at 5am? that's gonna be COLD.

  6. Fair play to you for doing this, all you need to do now is talk your sidekick into doing it also, or get him extremely drunk/keep him drunk until then ;-).
    Seriously though, good on you for doing it.