Friday, March 07, 2008

People who volunteer

People who volunteer for events and charities inspire me. I always think Fair play, because a lot of the time it's hard, demanding work that people should be paid for, but it's from the goodness of their hearts that all they want is to feel involved and use their talents to create a difference. They take time out of their schedule to make things a bit better for people.

Damien Mulley, 31 today - (Happy Birthday, sir!) did so with many others at the recent Blog Awards. The volunteers at Barretstown who come every year to work, live and play with the children give so much of themselves too. Those who volunteer with St Patrick's Festival help make the events that much more special for everyone who enjoys the many events.

And those wonderful people who are out there today in the cold wind and the rain for Daffodil Day also deserve a(nother) mention!

I was running for the bus to work this morning across O' Connell Bridge when I spotted a vision in yellow from the corner of my eye. Of course I went back to investigate...

I bought some daffodils from him

and then on my way up for the Luas I met Ann and Annie who have been in the same pitch spot (corner of Westmoreland and Aston Quay) for the past 12 years

And then there were Jackie and Laura at the corner of Westmoreland and College Green (just outside the Bank of Ireland)

And even up around the Molly Malone Statue, I found it very apt that there should be flower sellers doing a brisk trade.

Given the fact my Dad has undergone treatment for prostate cancer at St Luke's in Dublin and that cancer has robbed our family of many members, as it has done to too many others, I think it's only fitting I look into becoming a volunteer with the Irish Cancer Society. I'm also a supporter of the Friends of St Luke's and I'll support the Marie Keating Foundation whenever I get a chance.

Everytime I volunteer, be it for Darklight, for St Patrick's or with I'm always left with a feeling of more - I want to do more, help more, contribute more, give more back. But I know it can be a slog too - the relief on Maman Poulet's face after all the goodie bags were packed at the Blog Awards was a reminder of that.

I've been in touch with Ken about the Creative Camp tomorrow - hopefully I can give a hand there too but I doubt there'll be any shortage of helpers.

So volunteers, well done from me at least. What you do is inspiring.

Everyone else, please give it a go! You'll have fun, I guarantee it!

PS: Kathy is the Festival Volunteer Coordinator at St Patrick's Festival. She's lovely and would love to hear from anyone who'd like to be involved. Find out more here or email

There's also a Volunteers Meeting Tomorrow (Saturday 7th) at 4pm in the Royal Dublin Hotel, O’Connell Street (near the Ambassador) where you can sign up if you're available.


  1. Great post and well done for giving so many good causes a shout!

  2. LOL I saw the crazy man dressed, not as a daffodil, but covered in them and tried to get him as my bus turned the corner! I didn't manage it. Excellent pics.