Friday, March 07, 2008

Get yourself a daffodil

It's Daffodil Day. :)

Well done and fair play to all the volunteers who are out on the streets of Dublin this morning collecting - it's something I've promised myself to do next year.

I really hope it raises millions for the Irish Cancer Society and supports the many, many people living with, helping and supporting and caring for those suffering from cancer.

If you haven't got the chance to buy a daffodil or make a donation yet, you can do so here. If you're feeling generous, please also consider donating to Barretstown, another charity close to my heart, who do amazing work with children who have had cancer and cancer related illnesses from Ireland, the UK and 21 other countries.

You can have a look at what they do below. Pretty inspiring stuff!


  1. Early daffodils always fill my heart with hope after a dull winter. They are a wonderful symbol for a worthwhile cause.

  2. Me too grannymar (hello there!) - my uncle Jimmy died from cancer in 1989 within 3 months of being diagnosed. I was only 11 but have fond memories of him. He owned a small cottage in Co Kilkenny that was almost completely surrounded by daffodils every spring (which the local church used to take for altar displays) and so it's most apt as the symbol reminds me of him too :)