Friday, March 07, 2008

As requested, photos from the Blog Awards

As requested in the comments of my Blog Awards Post, here's even more photos from the Blog Awards... and my last mention of the Blog Awards for now. I hope I get everyone's name right!

Update: now have the podcast live. It's very funny. Have a listen.

Some of these may not be mine
- I did "borrow" from a lot of sources, so thanks to anyone who uploaded a photo of me!

In retrospect, it probably wasn't that wise to rob Granddad's badge...

But he let me live. Begrudgingly. I doubt Twenty would have if I'd taken his

As I mention, I loved UnaRock's bag

and also loved meeting my blogging heroes like Ellybabes (first blog I ever read)

The lovely Grannymar

Award winning Maman Poulet

Manuel from WellDoneFillet and Kieran from Ice Cream Ireland

and Ross who is an amazing photographer

(I know for a fact I stole this one from Marcus' set)

One of the coolest people I met though (apart from Sabrina) was Julie-Anne from You may have seen her name come up a lot on blogs during the week, to do with her brilliantly conceived t-shirts.

Mulley seems to like his

And Rick O' Shea showed his invisible one

And the other type:

She's also the lady behind the very popular moustaches that were sported about the place - there's Ken and Ross:

and a great one of Ross and Maryrose from Brightspark

Darren didn't really get the point though

As I said, I met some lovely people that I hope I get to stay in touch with

And as Darren and I have both said, we had fun!

Marcus and Redmum have some great shots as does official photographer McAWilliams. They're very great.


  1. Great photos!

    And thanks for finding my badge..

    Guess which photo I'm going to rob?

  2. jesus! you've outed me!! shhhhhhhhh