Monday, November 02, 2009

Vote for your favourite Irish social networking site

That's what the Golden Spiders want you to do. They've just announced their shortlist for the Best Social Networking site and now it's up to the public to vote.

They are:

From the press release:
Members of the public are invited to cast their vote for one of the shortlisted websites by 6pm on Wednesday, 18th November 2009.

Votes can be made by sending details of your chosen website to

The winner of the “Best Social Networking Website” will be announced at the eircom Golden Spider Awards Ceremony in the Burlington on Thursday, 19th November 2009.

What should you think about before voting for your favourite social networking site?

INFORMATION/CONTENT – Does the site provide users with entertaining, informative and gripping content? In addition to the user-generated content does the site make the most of externally developed add-on applications which further encourage communication between members?

USABILITY – Does the site make efforts to accommodate non-standard visitors, for example: mobile visitors, visitors with text-only browsers, touchscreen visitors, users with screen readers and other alternative devices and a variety of screen resolutions.

DESIGN – Does the site make the best use of graphics, animations and interactive elements? Is the site designed to enable users to interact with the content and information in an easy and enjoyable manner?

RELEVANCE – Does the site clearly understand the needs and aspirations of the communities it supports? Does the site provide specific tools and services to meet those ends?

INNOVATION – Does the site provide new and interesting ways for users to collaborate and communicate?

I'm particularly delighted to see and in the list, as well as Well done :)

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