Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The new Beta Twitter Retweet feature

This just popped up on my screen:

Click for bigger

So it's a symbol instead of an RT and a handy way of seeing how popular a link is - kind of like the Facebook "Like" feature...

There's also a new button beside the "Reply" one:

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  1. Yes but you cannot add any text of your own to the RT, just retweet it exactly as is.

    The RT (for me anyway) is not coming up in lists of mentions in Twitter or on Tweetdeck. Nor did I see a retweet I made this morning in the general stream on Twitter or Tweetdeck, only in my own profile if I clicked on that.

    One good thing though is that they seem to retweet it however long it is with username in front...I'm open to correction on that though.