Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is this the best designed website in Kilkenny?

Advertising Kilkenny's own Jack Street, so called cos he's gots the word on it. The street that is. The one in Kilkenny. The one right beside Jack Street's laneway where, according to ever-reliable source Hamish Lane, Jack Street was caught kissing ten men. Apparently.

Jack's new, official and highly professional may not be officially a Ken McGuire designed site, but it certainly looks like he may have had an influence. Not on the TV ad below though.

Just look what Twitter member and all round good guy Lee Kelly had to say about Jack's new website:

Are you looking for confidential information? Any information? Cos Jack can get you that. How about legal over-the-counter hallucinogens? He can get you those. Industrial sabotage? Yep, sure!

Visit http://www.jackstreethaspanache.com to find out more - don't forget to have your speakers on - Shaft fans will love it.

You can read Jack's blog and all about his enemies, the nasty bastid Vultures Private Investigators that Byrne is pimping out, cheap sell-out that he is.

Jack Street has panache. Sure what more could anyone in Kilkenny need?


  1. Once you've got panache in life, you're sorted really.

    You, on the other hand...

  2. Jack Street - my new hero! He's so much better than you, Doyle.