Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dan, if you're going to advertise your love on Facebook...

It's a bit of a Valentine's FAIL really. On a number of levels.

Dan's bought the girlfriend a website for Valentine's Day, to profess his love. He bought her actual name as the domain, which is nice. On said website he has put lovely heart images. Which is always nice. And obviously he's paid for the hosting and the domain of said website. Which is also very nice.

And then he obviously, having gone to this trouble, decided to compose a searing, passionate, romantic ode to this wonderful girlfriend of his, so worthy of such effort, so important in his life and so-going-to-be-impressed at all the work he's put in. Does he quote the words of her favourite poet? No. Does he quote the lyrics of her favourite song? No. Nothing so predictable.

How about a heartfelt and honest piece on why he loves her, what she means to him and how he truly feels, where the lack of professional veneer is eclipsed by the raw emotion and effort he obviously put into the composition of it? Well...

Image from screenshot of website reading Yo, For my crazy cool girlfriend, you can kill me later!! Happy Valentine’s day, Dan.

It's not exactly Dylan, is it? Before we judge though, we must accept that maybe this is good for Dan. Maybe he's 11 and she's 11 and she's always wanted a website of her own and she'll be ever so impressed especially when he explains how he's actually advertising on Facebook, how loads of people have clicked on his message already and how, in the advertisement, he somehow managed...

Image of ad on Facebook reading Orla Fitzgerlad, will you be my Valentine, guess who.......

... to spell the girl's surname wrong.

Orla Fitzgerlad/Fitzgerald - if you're out there, let us know what you think of your new website, please? Oh and happy Valentine's Day. And enjoy Sunday, whatever that is!

Lvoe is in the air...

(Is it bad that I posted this before I checked the WhoIs to find out who owns it?)


  1. I have to assume the domain name was already taken...

  2. He's from Greystones. They're a mad lot down that way.

  3. I know you had to point it out... and it is very funny... but I feel kinda sorry for him after all the effort. At least if we make a mistake in private, it stays that way. If you are going to profess your love publicly, get it right! As you referenced him, Dylan says "Don't think twice it's alright", maybe poor old Dan should have proof-read twice.

  4. ah, your being a bit harsh here...

  5. Truthfully, that is TEN times the effort and expense that my husband has ever made on Valentine's Day. I'd call Dan a keeper, and if Orla's angry with him, he can call me.

  6. "Yo". Romantic word fail.

  7. Oh dearum, dearum.

    Lets just say, only in Ireland ;)

  8. i think its kinda cute. as Susan said, most men wouldnt even make the effort

  9. You know, I've been thinking about this a lot today, and the more I think about it, the more I think that if you're going to do something, you gotta do it right. Thought is good but thought and effort is special. This is *supposed* to be a tongue in cheek, gentle poke anyhow...

    JL: Funny but there's nothing at that web address. Hmmmm....

    Darren: Don't I know it!

    Lottie: Do yuo raelly tihnk so?

    Pat: Thanks for the comment - and yes, I do feel sorry for him but as I said above, a bit of effort could have gone a long way!

    OffTheMeatRack: Perhaps a bit.

    Susan: That husband of yours deserves a smack, so ;) I doubt Orla is going to be angry with him though.

    Anthony: I think it's the funniest part of it!

    Ian: Only in Wicklow in Ireland!

    Donna: Hmmm. It depends on what else he does I suppose! For my first Valentine's gift with my first girlfriend I brought her to Paris...

  10. Am I the only one who feels sorry for poor oul' Dan?!?

  11. I'm dying to know what's happening on Sunday!

  12. Emma: You may well be! Still we'll keep an eye on the engagement notices for a while afterwards. Or, you know, the obituaries...

    Jen: Me too! Maybe I'll do a follow up post ;)