Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wordle of Obama's Inauguaration speech

Wordle: Obama

Hat tip to Darran for the link :)


  1. I love playing Wordles anytime but I love the way the words new, nation, people, and America were grouped on this one.

    What a great souvenir of the day.

  2. It was very much a speech of the here and now - and I see now, new and today are fairly big words there.

  3. That's really nice, go Team America!

  4. Susan: I'm with you on that - what impressed me was how quickly they had it done, and then comparing it to Bush's one! People are very much on the ball.

    AJ: Agreed. The speechwriter is obviously someone in tune with Obama. Great article about him in the Irish times the other day, while the New Yorker had a critique on the prose style.

    The Sexy Pedestrian: As long as it's not the Team America from the Parker and Stone film, I think we should be grand :)