Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Warning about feeding the ducks at St Stephens Green


Photos ©Phil O'Kane

Thanks for the photos, Phil. Couldn't have photoshopped them to make me look less scaredy cat, no? At least Niamh got one of me looking fairly decent.

No pigeons - or 30 year old bloggers - were harmed in the shooting for this post. Honestly.


  1. I'll get you one of two better ones, those were just the funniest.

  2. Wow, those sky-rats sure ain't shy! Great photos.

  3. Haha I love the first one, it's the best!
    They sure weren't shy, they were all over us once there was a sniff of bread :O

  4. LMAO. Seriously, that first shot is tremendous.

  5. That'll teach you to go begging in the park ;-)

    Great shots!

  6. They're lovely photos--neither too St. Francis nor Alfred Hitchcock; right in the middle as they should be LOL. Congratulations on remaining poopless!

  7. I always knew you were for the burds!

    Fab pics!

  8. Shot 1 = epic.

    Must find a way to turn it into a LOL :)

  9. Oh that first one's classic... you look like you're about to land in the drink :)

  10. Those are FANTASTIC! Lovely set. Nice one!

  11. Actually, if you throw the bread in the air they all flap frantically in mid air - scary but deadly! Like the Matrix.

  12. jesus, I would have died, I am scared shitless of pigeons and any bird really

  13. Ok..I've said it before but I'll say it again...

    You just lived my nightmare right there. HOW did you not actually pass out from fear??? EVIL EVIL mangy disease ridden, flappy little big winged beasts!!!! *shudder*

  14. All I could think of seeing this post was

  15. Yer 30??

    Great pics :D

  16. Phil: Thanks again for these. Would love to see the others :)

    Ro: They certainly weren't. I'm just glad they hadn't got full stomachs!

    Niamh: I'm blaming your hat!

    Anthony: tremendous alright, and just a bit scary!

    Steph: You'd think I'd learn my lesson, wouldn't you?

    Susan: Having antiseptic wet wipes has become a must for me recently. Thank goodness for closeby chemists.

    Vlad: You should try it!

    Grannymar: I know, I know.

    TheChrisD: No better man. Send it on if and when :)

    English Mum: I wouldn't have been surprised if I had. It was that sort of day!

    Jothemama: I just didn't want to antagonise them (or their tummies). It is a bit deadly though, true.

    Voodoolady: I'm the same with mice or rats. *shudder*. I still think I'd hold a pet one though.

    Shop Girl: Ach, they're not that bad. More frightened of you than you them, etc. They also seemed to understand "no more, all gone now".

    Suzy: Great minds! I was singing that at the time. ;)

    David: I know, I know. I look older. You've told me.