Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pat's signs always makes me smile

I know I've blogged it before, but talking with Pat Ingoldsby is always an enjoyable experience. Even better is watching the reaction of those who pass by to the signs he sticks up behind him.

These were Monday's:

Niamh is adamant I try the last one.


  1. Hah!!

    A man after my own heart.....

  2. Do it! If you managed it for two whole days I'd buy you a nice pressie. A really nice one!
    But you have to give me the phones. All of them :)

  3. @Niamh - Good on ye girl!

    Did he do it??

  4. Pat is our gemstone.

    Nice post.

  5. Has Pat got a blog?

    He'd be a great entertainer ... and more people could get to know him!

  6. Darragh, could I ask you to put alt tags on your images? Without them I have absolutely no idea what your showing. Example: if you were writing code, you'd put in alt="Picture of a door." to describe the image that others can see. Unfortunately, blogspot's add post page doesn't seem to have a place where you can add alt tags easily. Alternatively, you could just put a short line below the image describing it.


  7. heh, i love pat. about 2 weeks i stopped by to get one of his books and he had a sign that said: bring me all your unpaid bills and i'll tear them for you

  8. But, like, what's wrong, like, with saying like, like, all the time, like? :D