Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obligatory budget post: Ah well that's all right then

That's from yesterday evening's Evening Herald. It makes me think that Whoopsadaisy may have a point.

"I’ve had a crap day - let’s go to the pub, sure it’ll cheer you up to get pissed.

I’ve just lost my job - let’s go to the pub, we’ll commiserate with you.

I’ve just had a baby - let’s go to the pub, to wet the baby’s head.

I feel a bit ill, too much to drink last night - let’s go to the pub, another pint will sort you out."

Ireland's economy has gone to hell, the banks are in a mess, medical cards for old age pensioners are affected, unemployment is up, taxes are up but sure as the Herald says, the pint is safe. Wahey.

It really makes me wonder about the Herald's journalistic policy and the country's priorities.

What do you think? Is that important enough to warrant the front page of a national newspaper? Is it a sign that we, as a nation, are far too dependent on drink?


  1. It's Ireland. If we couldn't have a pint we'd all jump in the Liffey and we wouldn't even be able to drown because there'd be too many of us. I use 'we' and 'us' loosely of course although, I might be one of those jumpers. It's the weather I tells ya.

    I was talking to a student yesterday about the budget and whilst the rest of the room was gasping over increases on VAT, the A&E fee, car tax etc; he was delirah because the price his pint of cider wouldn't change. Ah to live from a students perspective again.

  2. as an outsider looking in, i've always thought that ireland, and britian, are far too dependent upon drink. listening to rick's show that one week when he asked people to keep track of how many pints they consumed in a week and then give it up...i was actually shocked. so to your question i'd say yes.

  3. "Pint is Safe - Does a little dance and skip - hang on - does 5.90 in Ron Blacks class as "safe"?

  4. The Herald always appeals to the lowest common denominator, I wouldn't expect anything less from them.

  5. Why put drink up?

    Sales are already down, have been going that way for years.

    Back in the 80's publicans were millionaires, but the rest of the population were broke.

    Drinking kept the nation alive!!!

  6. As Lottie has pointed out, claiming that the pint is 'safe' is a very moot point when the price of it is so variable anyway. I can still get a pint in wicklow for under 4 euro, whereas some bars in Dublin are stretching towards 6. So they might as well have tacked a few cent onto the price of a pint, given that publicans can whenever the hell they feel like it.