Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Moo mosaic frame for your MiniCard collection

It's delivering stuff like this that makes, the company that prints all those wonderful business cards, rock.

It's a new mosaic frame for all those tiny business cards (MiniCards) that you may have both collected collected and have given out recently. It fits 20 cards, either portait, landscape or both, it's €26.99 and if you order before Sunday 19 October with code 45TR32 at the checkout, you'll get 35% off a pack of MiniCards.

It shows they value listening to their customers. I've long tried to maintain my collection and also keep the ones I print that I like for myself. It's a pretty unique way of keeping people in mind.

Check it out here. It's just been announced today.


  1. Brilliant! I love this. I'll definitely be purchasing.

  2. CUTE!!! I adore moo, i swear by their cards, and I have to get more!!!!