Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Flash Mob kissing in the Ilac Centre

This is a lovely video. Last Saturday as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival, a group called the Performance Corporation puckered up and gave Dublin KISS.

"The ILAC Shopping Centre in Dublin city centre came to a standstill when unsuspecting shoppers witnessed a mysterious outbreak of kissing couples in the main concourse. To the haunting sound of the song “Llorando”, bystanders watched as apparent strangers came together, drawn by some strange emotional force and began to kiss.

The best thing was some of the passers-by joined in!

Then, as quickly as it had begun, the kissing couples parted, melting once more into the crowd."
Almost 100 people were involved as part of the performance, apparently, though they didn't know what they'd signed up for until lunchtime on the Saturday where the performance would happen and what it would involve.

Judging by the reactions of some of the crowd and participants, it doesn't seem to have been an altogether unpleasant experience, though the reaction at 1:45 speaks volumes.

More kissing in Dublin needed, eh?


  1. Ha!Thats's pretty cool.I love the look on the guys face...'will i?....won't i?'

  2. Aww that almost never happens when I am in the Ilac!

    I feel all giggly now :)

  3. You mean I missed a chance to kiss a Toyboy?

  4. Oh I did like that, with the emotionally rousing music and all. I'd have wanted to join in too.

  5. damn, i'd have have been mad up for a bit of that.

  6. looks brilliant. as a group of multi media student in dundalk IT, we will be running a flash mob later in the year. Would there be much interest in anyone wanting to get involved?