Thursday, October 30, 2008

Investigative journalism at its best

This is my favourite news story of the last while.

While I'm sure it wasn't as funny for the residents of the apartment block whose roof blew off in strong winds, I could only laugh at the last line.

It is not clear at this stage why the roof blew off, though today's strong winds are assumed to be a factor.
Do you think?

I've really been trying to think of what else it could have been. Lazy roof tiles? Iron Man bursting from the roof on his way to save the world? Someone played AC/DC's new album very very loud?

Can you come up with an alternative, plausible explanation?


  1. Some Northsiders trying to steal a roof?

    Unpaid builders taking back their materials? Or recycling them?

    This little piggy huffed and he puffed and he only managed to blow the roof off but hey he's only a little piggy :)

    I think 'lazy roof tiles' is probably the most plausible explanation though :P

  2. Perhaps the roof grew wings and just needed to fly. It stretched it tiles out wide and jumped only to smash broken in bits onto the ground it's a story of broken dreams really.

  3. Damned Kings of Leon at it again this autumn...leave Dublin roofing alone lads!

  4. A large industrial sized fan placed on the roof of the neighbouring apartment block?

  5. the credit crunch swept through the house taking the roof out as it departed.....seriously......