Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twenty Major decides to stop blogging

One of my favourite bloggers who has not only consistently poured out some memorable and provocative posts has decided to give it a rest. Goodbye Twenty Major.

His goodbye-for-now post is here.

I may not have understood, agreed with or even "got" some of his posts, but I always clicked on the feedreader when I saw a new post and I liked snooping around some of his old stuff as well. The puns were awful, the posts crafted with talent and I rarely left the blog without a smile.

He was also a good source of help and information about blogging and the community if I ever asked. I appreciated his support and am genuinely a bit sad to have read it tonight. Mulley put it quite well on Twitter but even better in this post, especially about Twenty's contribution to uncompromising blogging in his own style, something he should be admired for.

Twenty, thanks for the laughs, the outrages and above all the thought that there's still a bar like Ron's somewhere in Dublin. If I see you out, I'll buy you a pint.

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  1. A Gentleman has moved on to greater things!