Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday cheerlinking

There's a lot of links worth cheering this week:

I'll start this bout by saying a very well deserved congratulations to Krishna, Ken and Bernie for all their great work at Podcamp Ireland. A fuller post is on the way, but in the meantime you can check out photos from the official group.

(click for bigger. Thanks AJ)

Well done to the Irish bloggers mentioned in the Guardian this weekend.

The next big blogger event is this Saturday's EU conference.

Congratulations to Daragh and Conor Prendergast who did a great job in a terrible segment on last Friday's Late Late. Here's the live blog we contributed to.

If you haven't already, please check out the inspiring Catherine's great Homepages Project that could really make a difference to the lives of people affected by homelessness this Christmas.

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Continuing the photo theme, check out this amazing shot from the Clare Glens by Photos and Ponderings.

There's also great shots of Lisa Hannigan, whose recent concert in Letterkenny Stel seems to have really enjoyed.

Riemann has this brilliant shot from the Ploughing Championships in Kilkenny:

While Mark Walsh shares a note from school he's found - it reads a bit like a love note...

"Is it the undeniable air of manliness he emits? Is it those eyes like two cystal clear pools of blue? Is it a sophisticated sense of humour, full of wit and satire? Is it that thing he has that just makes you smile?"
Meanwhile, Lilli defines what holiday snaps can be. I'm envious.

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Geraldine Moorkens Byrne injects a little bit of hope with her poem Recessive gene
"We're going back in time
back to the 80s,
back to the time
when pennies counted ...

If we are lucky,
lack of money, lack of choice
fear and the opening of chasms
giddy depths visible for once
beneath well shod feet,
might breed
compassion; might shake
loose our comfortable bigotry,
might feed something
unnourished by wealth."
While the helpful folk over at No Nonsense insurance wants to help us save €1,000 by going "no frills"

* - * - * - *

DELIGHTED to hear from State that Rodrigo y Gabriela are releasing another live album soon. Their Live in Manchester and Dublin album is one of my absolute favourites.

Plus, if you're looking to catch up with what's happening in Irish music, do a weekend round-up which makes me sound somewhat like I know what I'm talking about.

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I'm thrilled to read today about the launch of bright one,
"a communications agency aimed at charities, non-profits and social enterprises, run by volunteers from the industry who want to broaden their communication’s experience and use their expertise for social good."
I met Founder Ben Matthews at the Shine and 2gether conferences and doubt there's a more committed and professional guy to run such an agency. They're looking for volunteers. to help out. Check out some of the benefits of getting involved.

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Speaking of launches, I see the lovely Julie-Anne at Curious Tales has launched a new-look site and range, including jackets. She's going to be showing at the upcoming Belfast Fashion Week - best of luck JA!

Staying in the fashion scene, I've always had a taste for a girl in a cape.

And thank you for the dance lessons, ladies. Much appreciated :)

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It looks like I'm with d@\/e in breaking most of the ten commandments already. I wonder do posts like this one break number 8?

My favourite happy blogger shares some good news.

Yvonne shares some excellent tips about overcoming writer's block and procrastination. I suffer from both regularly so this has really helped.

Eileen Bennett has written possibly the best "About me" section I've read anywhere on a blog recently.

Martin Dwyer never met Paul Newman.

I'm very amused by the Mattias Inks really useful tattoos

I'm also pretty happy after watching this video found by Ruth E Babes

If only the internet were really this simple, eh?

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Finally - and it's something I tell people all the time - never underestimate what a kind word, a smile or even a casual conversation outside of a pub can do. I recently asked LMS what inspired her. She came back with this.

If that's not a link worth cheering, I don't know what is.

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Cheerlinking - cheerleading without the pompoms! :o)

As always, if there's any other links worth cheering that you've spotted out there, please do share :)


  1. Jaysis, almost 30 links. I need to stop bookmarking things. ;-) I'm going to cut them down to twelve a week, me thinks.

  2. Darragh,

    Many thanks for link love and for writing such kind things about Bright One - I hope to live up to your sentiments!


    P.S. Beejaysis!

  3. thanks for the link Darragh!

    Your monday cheerlinks have become a weekly treat.

  4. and there was i under the impression I'd get some work done today.

    Thanks for the cool readings.... *puts the kettle on*


  5. i love your monday links

  6. Thanks for the link dude, glad you liked it ;)