Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mrs Doyle has a blog

This lovely lady?

Well, okay, THIS lovely lady:

has a blog. I've just found it. It's pretty fekken cool.

I met Pauline McLynn in her Father Ted days wandering around my home town and she graciously agreed to do a radio interview with me. I reminded her of that volunteering at this year's Cat Laughs. Wonder if she'd consent to a blog one? :-P

Just in case, what would you ask her if you could? And don't say "for a cup of tea". Especially not you. ;o)

(What do you mean you thought my mammy was blogging? Have you read this? No way!)


  1. Woohoo! Thanks for another point in the right direction...

  2. I'd ask her if she remembered when Ireland really was a tea nation instead of the coffee swilling lot we've become.
    And whatever happened to IREL Coffee Concentrate? That was once all we had to make a coffee with.

  3. Isn't it fantastic? I love her rants, read her everyday :)

  4. I'd ask her about Scrap Saturday and what it was like to work on. That was brilliant stuff.

  5. She lives somewhere around me. Maybe you should ask her what its like being a north sider. :P

  6. I would ask her if she could get me in contact with Arthur, Graham and Frank.

  7. I wouldn't ask her for a cup of tea! I would ask her how she takes hers ;) I'm nice like that :p