Thursday, July 31, 2008

Booking this for next year - fancy joining me?

I've always loved the idea of doing this:

The things people will do for cheese, eh?

So, fancy coming along? Here's what happened this year.


  1. I have enough bruises already. I'm staying home.

  2. Hmmm, I'll have to think about it. I'm not sure I'm all for rolling down a 45' hill at speeds I'd rather not think about.

    And no, I'm not confusing myself for the cheese!

  3. once we're retired next year, i'm seriously considering travelling to far off places to spectate things such as this!

  4. I'd like to go Zorbing down a hill, but this looks like serious bone cracking madness.

  5. I've always thought it looks like fun alright, but I'm sober and realsitic enough to realise that it would, in fact, most likely leave me wtih a hell of alot of aches and pains and quite possibly a broken bone or two.
    I'll quite happily come and laugh if you really are going to do it though.

  6. apparently one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

    I'm up for it if you are Doyley!

  7. Now *THAT* looks like savage craic!

  8. Me me me me me me me - I want to do it!!! :)

  9. Sweet. I'm in.

  10. I was about to reply "yes, definitely" until the last couple of seconds of the video - doesn't look to good.

    My fear is not that it would happen to me, but that my clumsy flailing arms and legs would be responsible for doing it to someone else.

  11. I'm in pain already after watching that...send me a postcard :)

  12. LOL that looks amazing :) :) :) then again I jumped out of the first plane i was ever on i did a parachute jump and it was excellent :)

  13. Thanks for the comments all, so I've got half and half interested - how cool is that?

    @Grannymar - ah come on. You can buy me a pint later. I won't mind, honest.

    @thechrisd - thanks for the comment :) Come on across - these things need to be done.

    @donna m - hello my dear and thanks for the comment :) You can come along, meet Grannymar and buy me a pint afterwards ;-)

    @Le Craic - thanks AJ! What's zorbing? *off to Wikipedia*

    @Andrew - hey, thanks for the comment. Please do come along, laugh and buy me a pint ;-)

    @Lottie - you know me dearest, up for nearly anything!

    @Ken McGuire - thanks for the visit and the comment dude! Savage craic alright. Beats rolling down the hill in the grounds of Kilkenny Castle anyways!

    @Darren - not even a bit surprised :-P

    @Maxi Cane - legend!

    @Lar - hey Lar, welcome to the blog and cheers for the comment :-) Sure all you can do is give it a go ;o)

    @Little Miss - awww! Sure you don't want to come along and watch (and buy me a pint?)

    @Lette - wow, go you! Fair play. I *wanted* to jump out of the first plane I was on, but the lack of parachute and all that thing was just a bit of a concern. Something I've always wanted to do though!