Monday, June 16, 2008 photos from the Street Performance World Championships

It's great when a plan comes together.

A post becomes an idea becomes a conversation becomes reality. has some amazing shots from lots of people who enjoyed the weekend. I'll be uploading mine at some point.

A big thanks to Marcus for all his help on this.

Met so many fellow bloggers over the weekend too - starting with the launch of the Dublin Streets exhibition (interview to follow), then adventures with Grannymar, then the delightful Raptureponies, the charming Sinéad, the unrecognisable (in the best possible way) Laura (I've got a luverly bunch...), the wonderfully funny Mr Maybury, the give-great-hugs Lottie and her fella, Andrew out walking his dog, friends from the Faux Sty and saw people I may have met at the Blog Awards in the distance.

And with the Firefox 3 Launch Party this week, there'll no doubt be more!


  1. Have you recovered yet?

  2. Pity you were so busy, would have liked to have had a pint with you :) Thanks for the introductions by the way.

  3. Fantastic, Mr Doyle! Absolutely fantastic!

  4. Thanks Darragh and to all those who contributed so far! At the end of the day, this is what Pixie is all about. :)

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  6. heyyy
    guess who :D
    i see you havnt mentioned the most amazing stage team ever lol
    we were well the best...and as for having the tidiest stage i dont think its needs to be said we won by a long shot :P

    the blogs are really good well done :D