Sunday, June 15, 2008

The English Gents win the 2008 SPWC

The English Gents have just been voted and announced winners of the 2008 Street Performance World Championships in Dublin.

An icredible act of strength, acrobatic ability and comedy, the mostly silent act wowed the crowds with their performances.

Winner of the last two years Space Cowboy was second with comedy act Beautiful Stu in third place.

More to follow :)


  1. on asphault no less! that's serious risk. glad they made out okay. :)

  2. they're great, outta the ones you showed a while back, they were the best by a good bit by the photos!

  3. They were great - and really deserved to win.

    (Nice to see you over the weekend - we missed last night though, due to over indulgence on Saturday...)

  4. I'm really glad about this. I've seen these guys 3 times now, last year at Spiegeltent, at SPWC Merrion Square and then at Bravoshow. They're so so talented, and put on such a great show. I just wish I hadn't have been so shy and asked for a photo with them!

  5. Hi
    I had the opportunity to see these two (good-looking) English gents while I was staying in Montreal for the Just For Laugh Festival. I watched their show every night and I think it was the best street performance of the festival! They talked to the audience in French to please the locals and as a French person I really enjoyed listening to them!