Friday, June 20, 2008

FF3: Paul Walsh joins boyband, bloggers get together

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NKOTB are here - New Kids On The Blogs. With the support of new member (and most generous host) Paul Walsh, this boyband is set to dominate the music markets of southern Carlow, Laois, Leitrim and the Aran Islands with their unique covers of:

  • Relight my Fire(fox)
  • Come on Baby, light my Fire(fox)
  • Goodness Gracious, great balls of Fire(fox)
  • We didn't start the Fire(fox)
  • and of course Johnny Cash's Burning Ring of Fire(fox)

Last night's launch party for Firefox 3 was fun. I got to meet so many people and put faces to names, as well as catch up with many more.

One of the personal highlights was gathering bloggers together (thank you Elly!) for this photo. Can't imagine there's been this many together since the Blog Awards.

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I'll get in trouble now trying to name everyone and missing people, but the ones I know - and Elly has helped me find - are:

Peter Donegan, Niall Donegan, Dennis Deery, Paul Campbell, Alan O' Rourke, Justin Mason, Keith Gaughan, Eamon Leonard, Iarfhlaith Kelly, Maryrose Lyons, Laura Czajkowski, Elly Parker, Darragh Ó Héiligh, Gordon Murray, Niamh Smith, David Maybury, Anthony McGuinness, Darren Byrne, Liz Lyons and of course Paul Walsh and Adrian (Aido) McMahon.

(Missing are Joe Drumgoole (who stepped away) - apparently Putplace is in beta next week - and George Pratt who was nowhere to be found...)

Got them all to autograph the back of the photo too!

I also finally got to meet the lovely Marie, to chat with Roseanne, to meet (I think?) Damian Bannon, to meet Keith and Niall from Blacknight, to see George's new N95 (he's very proud GM!), to have a pint with John Peavoy and Gordon (after much twittering of location) and to kidnap Debbiemet, who is just one of the nicest people ever. Need your garden done? Contact her.

Elly was lucky enough to bag herself a launch t-shirt.

Once Ben finally showed up and bar was closing, we predictably headed on to Eddie's where himself and Liz wanted to get in on the Hello Sheila thing...

Other photos of this nature taken by the lovely people at are live on EventPhotoIreland. I love this one of Paul and Aido. Bohoe also has some great shots on

All photos compliments of

If you know of anyone in the photo that I missed, if you were there and enjoyed it or if you just want to say how silly I looked in the above photo, please leave a comment :)


  1. Em, why is the last picture reversed?

  2. Now that you mention it... You do look mighty silly.

    (Pot calling kettle black?)

  3. Ye all look hansome in reverse ;)

  4. We should have taken a Granny Mar Toy Boy photo...

    Next time.

  5. this is all very depressing, everyone has firefox and I cant for fear of making sh!t of the computer altogether :(

    FF3 is final fantasy 3 though?

  6. LOL I thought of Final Fantasy too!

    Looks like you had a great laugh last of the funner launches :)

  7. Thanks for the comments all :)

    @darren - just the way it turned out. Makes it slightly more eerie, eh?

    @david - HA! you can talk!!

    @grannymar - far better in reverse than in real life, I can tell you :)

    @b - I'm just not cool enough to be hip with you young folk, yo. I like my TLAs!

    @nay - it sure was. The people and the conversations and laughter made it great though :)

  8. Brilliant night! Great to see everyone again.

    The photo taking was a brilliant idea, and many thanks to Merv from Quest for all his hard work - did anyone else notice that he retouched lots of the pics overnight?

    As for the FF3 Launch t-shirt - I fought fair and dirty for that one - could you tell I used to be a rugby player??? :)

  9. What are you insinuating about the musical tastes of people from Southern Carlow or Laois eh?

  10. @Elly - really? The way you tackled people for that you obviously knew what to do!

    Indeed Merv was great fro touching the photos up. Think I can ask Spencer to do the same for me tomorrow?

    @Marie - being from South Carlow (ish) I know what I'm talking about. I'm just saying though with all the festivals on that they're probably the only places we'd get a booking, eh?

    Thanks for the visit and the comment! :)

  11. @ darragh possibly a leg - end alright mate

    @marie boran - musical taste in laois and carlow???

    jasus darragh sort this mess out for Gods sake man!!

  12. @peter - welcome to the blog and cheers for the comment. As for sorting out the mess... no dice I'm afraid. I just start them off and run away, quickly! ;)

  13. I had a blast last night, glad folks enjoyed the few snaps.


  14. Some more names for the bloggers group photo:
    Niall Donegan
    Dennis Deery
    Paul Campbell
    Alan O'Rourke
    Justin Mason
    Keith Gaughan
    Eamon Leonard

    Adding up the names you had plus mine (and including yourself) that's all but 4 of the 26 accounted for!

  15. @merv - thanks for visiting and for the comment! Had great fun with you all, and the photos are now taking pride of place on the mantlepiece.

    @Elly - you absolute legend! Thanks - post updated. That's not a bad count at all at all!

  16. Great post Darragh and thanks for the comment - right back atcha mate. I'm not bloody missing the next one though! Looks like you all had a blast and it was lovely to meet the few I met. :)

  17. Great night all round! Great to meet you (briefly) and all the other blogger heads too.

  18. Great night all round! Lovely idea to get the bloggers photo together. It felt like the last day at school!