Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yesterday's Dublin sunset

When leaving the office yesterday at around 9pm I caught a glimpse of the evening sunset.

It was stunning. Rich red vibrant colours, puffy clouds, streaks of light. I tried capturing it on the cameraphone but failed miserably.

I was hoping some of the photobloggers on Twitter might have caught it, but this morning there was no joy, even though I loved @SineadCochrane's response.

So I'm afraid, for those of you who didn't catch it you're just going to have to make do with these:

I tried capturing it from the Luas window but by the time the camera was ready, the shot was gone.

I MUST get a new camera. Anyone any recommendations for a "see it and shoot it as it happens" device?

Did you see it? Do you have photos of it? Or good camera recommendations? Please let me know!


  1. Yeay, lovely! I like that last one especially. By the time I saw it (also from bedroom window) it was much darker. So much for red sky at night...

  2. I tried to capture the evening sky the other night, alas it was not very good. I might post it in a few days... or maybe not.

  3. I got some pics from last night, which really was stunning. Give me a wee while and I'll get them up...

  4. I didn't get any pictures unfortunately, I was too entranced looking at it. The light was lovely, bright and yet dark - a proper twilight.

  5. I'm so glad someone else noticed cos I thought I was going nuts. It was like one of those nuclear explosion movies (or maybe that's me and my bad dreams) A sort of yellowy red haunting gloom/flashbulb took over Dublin City centre at about 8.30/9. Was on my way home from Lidl and I felt really weird.

  6. For the link Darragh and for the wonderful, and disturblingly nerdy, comment post...


  7. Suzy's right - it was like a movie scene with a nuclear fallout.

    People around Stephen's Green were standing around looking from the sky to their hands and then back again.

    Weird and wonderful Dublin.

  8. @Suzy @david we have beautiful light here, we are very very lucky. We also get the most amazing colours in the sky in the evening after rain, like last night, a beautiful luminous, almost, orange glow.

  9. It was stunning alright, I got a few pics from my upstairs window, not sure that they do it justice but I just had to try to capture it!

  10. Thanks for all the comments :)

    @debbiemet - I tried saving the best till last :) But yes, has global warming killed off shepherd's warnings too?

    @grannymar - post it! Let us decide if it's good enough - you know us - we;'ll tell you!

    @redmum - thank you my dear, stunning pics indeed.

    @threnn - hello :) It was spectacular. I was just happy to look at it.

    @suzy - hey, thanks for the comment! Can only imagine what it was like in town alright!

    @David - hey to you too sir. Can only imagine what the tourists just arrived for the first time must have been thinking! Would love to have heard a taxi driver's explanation!

    @Niamh - will publish some of your pics tomorrow. Stick them up on The Faux Sty!