Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thanks Green Ink

I'm genuinely chuffed.

(I've hesitated for a time about posting this because I don't want to appear (even more) boastful, but I've decided to show anyone that is even a bit hesitant about blogging that just giving it a go can be enough.

In my
comment over there I repeat what Grannymar said "Write from the heart, the rest will follow". Any feedback is always welcome (which is why I wrote this post) and coming from someone who puts as much creativity into his work, this comment from Green Ink has put a big happy grin on my face all day. Check out his work. I loved this one.)


  1. Couldn't agree more Darragh. It's been an absolute joy reading your blog over the past few weeks... I'm just sorry I didn't hop on board sooner! :)

  2. @deborah - ah thank you my dear, I appreciate that. Best of luck with your own move too! :-)

  3. Darragh darling, no need to hesitated. you'll never hear boastful. you are a very modest person. i love the Green ink's work. i must agree that he puts creativity into his work. i read your work every week, and i'm always enjoy it. well, maybe Grannymar should always post a comment if it makes a big happy grin on your face all day. that will be funny, dont you think? i'm going on vication this week for a month. i'll miss your blog. when i'll return i'll read everything i missed.