Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Drawing on walls, London Style

Sunday morning popped onto Twitter and saw a tweet from Bernie Goldbach (@topgold)

I happened (coincidentally) to be standing outside London's Tate Modern where this was being created:

How so?

With a big crane

and a big piece of chalk

and a lot of talent

Can't wait to see the finished version. I reckon it's for their upcoming Street Art Exhibition, opening on May 23 - the same weekend as their Long Weekend 2008.

So, Bernie, feeling creative? ;-)


  1. @topgold Thanks for the visit and welcome :)

    This really highlighted to me the gulf between Dublin and London and while there's some great street artists emerging (Maser being a personal favourite) I find it difficult to imagine any arts council supporting a street art exhibition.

    Drogheda seems to be one of the forerunners in Ireland. Some of the art along the river is stunning.

    I'm looking forward to catching that exhibition in the Tate soon.