Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How do you lamp a kid anyways?

I remember seeing this post on Rick's blog. And then this one.

And then seeing these (inspired by the genius that is the film Anchorman) on the streets

But this is my second* favourite piece of Dublin graffiti:

Which may seem weird till you see what someone's added to it


I'm definitely inviting the genius behind the lamp stickers as a friend on Bebo.

The kid lamper though... probably not!

(*My favourite piece probably deserves a post of its own.)


  1. Going through a bunch of old bookmarked links and found this. Cool!

    Have you met the Lamp guy? It's such a phenomenon (do doo de do doo).

  2. Ah cheers sir, thanks!

    Haven't met Lampsy, no. Interviewed them though. Sounds very cool.

    Do doo be doo doo? Do do be doo?