Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blogger beers were fun

A big thanks to Alexia for arranging last night, which turned out to be one of the funniest and most random nights I've had in ages.

Ben, Darren, Anthony, Alexia and I were in the Market Bar, Dublin. We were joined by two gentlemen from Northern Ireland - David, a graphic designer passionate about his typography and barbers and Phil, photographer to the stars and the next table.

It's brilliant when a group just clicks, and we certainly did. Conversation flowed, as did the drinks; blogs and opinions critiqued; secrets were shared and phones compared. (Dave won that one).

There shall no doubt be many photos on their respective blogs - I didn't take too many, I was laughing so hard at the tales of landlord woe, dodgy hairdressers, gadgetry, lamp loving, badges and all sorts of stuff.

Ben's haircut was lovely though

From the confines of the Market Bar we escaped for a late couple to O'Neills, hijacked some Chicago folk and put the world to rights over a pint or three.

And, would you believe, no hangover this morning. How great is that?

Thanks all of you. It was fantastic. :)


  1. Sounds like I missed a good night. :cry:

  2. Motion Seconded. .

    A great night was had thank you very much! What happens in Vegas and all that. . .

    Wee headache this morning but probably jaw ache from all the talking . .

  3. oooh just saw the smart comment about me haircut . .

    grr i take it all back!

  4. I like the comment about Ben's hair. It's funny because you're implying that he has a bad haircut and he is sensitive about that and that's why it's funny. Ben's hair is funny too.

  5. i had a great night. nice to meet y'all!

  6. @grannymar - you didn't so much "miss" as "escape thankfully" - standing in the rain on a Dublin Street at 3am talking crap is so not worth it :-/

    @ben - not surprised at the jaw ache - mine too from laughing so much.

    @darren - Ben's hair was dapper.What more can I say - and that's how HE described it!

    @phil - nice to meet you too sir, albeit briefly and confusingly... ;-)

  7. Shut up shut up shut up. Didn't I tell you yis aren't allowed have fun without me! SULK! :(