Monday, May 19, 2008

"Add a comment" buttons for your blog

For Nine Pounds liked it. Andrew liked it, Maz at Style Treaty liked it, Rosie liked it (despite the screenshot) and I got some wonderful comments.

When I wrote the How to add a comment post, I hoped it would be of some use.

Now Iarfhlaith has helped make that happen.

He's just designed a range of buttons for non graphical bloggers (like me) to use on their blog.

In a variety of sizes and colours to match your template, you can get them here for free.

How great is that? Thanks Iarfhlaith - I'll certainly be using them :)

(Must do a post now about how to!)

So fellow bloggers, what do you reckon? Come on, share. Please feel free to


  1. Oh so that's how it works ;)

    Seriously these posts are very helpful for beginners.

  2. Hey Darren, I'm delighted to see you're using the buttons. It was a great feeling to see them on your blog.

    Thanks for all the great coverage too.

    As for the 'How To' post, I'll try and get around to this over the next couple of days.

  3. I've added one of the smaller buttons to my own blog :)

  4. How do you add these to blogger where do they go in the HTML?

  5. Don't even go there...

  6. Great support and thanks for uploading so quickly I will be very keen to see the updates.

  7. Wow this is awesome ...thanks for your wonderful creativity... will add them to my blog today!


  8. Thanks for the information. That was very helpful and insightful. Do you have links to any other posts like this? Like things like HTML tags?

  9. I wish you health, peace in your heart, happiness and to continue to learn, teach, grow and reach beyond your wildest dreams.

    James Joyce

  10. thx you, i like it!

  11. I was wondering why some of the buttons are no longer working for my blog site. I came back here and the buttons links apprears to be broken

  12. Ops, man they are deleted :S I want to it, please reupload on the site. Thanks you too.