Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Animals on the London Underground

Got to love the creativity that has gone into the Animals on the Underground site. I've often stared at those maps myself (wondering how to get from Southgate to Baker Street in less than an hour) but it took Paul Middlewick to see the pattern and spot the first album, an elephant, in 1988.

Now there's t-shirts you can buy, ecards you can send and it's all for the benefit of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Other than the dove, I think this tortoise is my favourite

What's yours?

Check out the great site on http://www.animalsontheunderground.com

EDIT: I see 73man has elevated this site to the status of truth before me.

The Animals on the Underground concept and images are the property of Grid24 Ltd. The London Underground logo and map © TfL Reg'd User No 05/4294.


  1. hey darragh

    thanks for your email earlier and you do get about !

    good post and the london maps also inspired the connector.ie logo

    chat soon ?!

  2. Love the snail & elephant. They're all cool!
    Do you think we could do anything similar with Dublin Bus routes? :D

  3. Darragh: I'm appalled that you copied my ability to copy a URL from a friend's email message. Shocking, all of this internet stuff ;-)

  4. It is alright. Shocking. Won't someone think of the animals?

    Oh wait, they have :-P