Thursday, March 20, 2008

The date

Last night's date

was going great

until we started talking

about ages

and it turned out that

I was 12

the year

that she was born.

(She didn't mind).


  1. As I said, please take a mental snapshot of your life at the moment and store it away. Whenever you feel down, just take that picture out and say, "Look at that – that's me!"


  2. 12 years. That's nothing!

  3. Sheeesh - if ya'd told me ya was looking an older woman but not quite that old we could have split the difference - after all I was only 6 when ya was born ;) LOL

    Btw delighted to see that you really have taken off at this blogging lark since the Awards :)

  4. Oh yeah and more details re the date please - did ya really not know there was that big a gap beforehand??? Spill, spill, spill....

  5. that is awesome. I had moment like that when the words "I'm worried about my leaving cert... next year". Curse whelans and it's liberal door policy

  6. Don't you know about the half your age plus 7 rule?

  7. @greenink:

    that is an awesome rule ... I wish I could remember where I heard it first - gah now I will be thinking about it all day!

  8. I first heard it on QI and I've been living by it since.

  9. There's actually nothing better than an older man! :)