Thursday, March 20, 2008

Elly, you rock!

Via the ever wonderful Ellybabes, this has now become my chosen video on Bebo. Utter genius.

Through her have just found K8 the GR8, progeny of a certain couple of bloggers. Added to my RSS feed now too!

Finally on this Elly theme, loving the photo she took at her local Spar.

I owe the woman a hug and a pint, hopefully to be paid on Saturday night. Cheers for making my Friday even brighter!

... They're all running after the old farmer's wife, she cut off their tales, and baby! And what it all comes down to is that I never seen such a sight in my life, cos she's got one hand on 3 rodents and another one on a carving knife...


  1. And I'm looking forward to seeing you (my #1 stalker as my hubbie calls you) on Saturday too!

  2. OOh I'm getting a reputation. I'm now stalking you AND Sabrina, and your mother is chasing me and Darren as Toyboys.


  3. Hey nice linkings!!

    What an excellent idea this night-out is! Have fun, but remember, drink irresponsibly, and do spend a great night wasted!

  4. Morning Sunshine! There is a little something waiting for you over at Grannymar's place. Heres hoping you will play along.

  5. Just ended up back here at random - had forgotten how funny that video is!!!