Sunday, March 25, 2007

Where else would you get it?

I just wanna dance - more creativity from the monkeys with typewriters...

I've always loved the uniqueness of the web, in that people do/create/share things on here that have never been done or possible to do before and that realistically we may not have ever heard about.

It's only online I'd have seen this video from Avenue Q, read these unintentionally funny comic strips and watched the amazing Hunter Hayes perform "something called Jambalaya" - all well worth a look!

I suppose there are both positive and potentially negative aspects, but overall it's a real treat to see something "cool" or to share someone's love of what they've found. It used to be butterflies and rhyming cadences, now it's generally YouTube videos.

When Steve sent me this link I visited straight away. He only sends me good stuff. While I may not share his effusive enthusiasm about it, here again is something that can only have been shared online, on YouTube (I shudder to think about the copyright complexities on this one) and was also done by someone with obvious passion for what they do. I wish I had the creativity.

It was originally created for a background screen at Gay Pride, but sure if you weren't there you wouldn't have seen it...

Definitely not one for the kids (contains an expletive) and probably not for office loud speakers. The song was never commercially released (understandable but a pity) but this made me question all the recent controversy about You Tube copyright. If we could use more stuff like this legally - and appropriately - where would people's creativity take us?

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