Friday, March 02, 2007

Timing is everything... part 2.0

A response to insider@boo comments about the return of, and why I could be in more than my underwear when it's launched.

Good websites are ten a penny really, but like that song you've been listening to a lot recently (it's this one for me) it's the website you find when you need one (books here, distraction here, movie trailers here, etc. ) that often has the biggest impact on you.

That's the GREAT website for you, as in "Ah great, that's what I wanted."

It may not be the best out there, but it's done what you've wanted it to do, and that's the great part. And it's probably the one you'll go back to to get the job done again!

That's why Google is so great. It can find you that great website when you need it.

Yesterday I posted again about, just as the enigmatic insider@boo commented on one of my previous posts. Good timing there!

He/she/they/it (could it be Miss Boo back from her cyber grave?) said

"Hi Darragh, interesting that you think the new boo might be all about you, you could just be right...

What if it was about You and the wisdom of people like you?

What if You could be in control and have it your way?

Maybe you usually trust the multitude or prefer to trust friends and family?

What if boo could be all of this at the same time....."

They're interesting questions from an internet perspective... Because this is a very different type of website that I'm visualising compared to other ones out there.

Different because - well, let's say Boo 2.0 is fashion again, and it's about my choice of clothes and what I buy online.

The old boo had a dummy that you could spin around and see what the clothes looked like on it when dressed. Kind of like this recently launched website.

As much as I can model this 'virtual me' to my tastes (on the right is one as close as I can make it), it's still not me.

Similarly, just because "people who bought this book also bought..." doesn't mean I might want to at that particular time...

So I buy from the new boo, not based on JUST my tastes or on what boo recommends, but on the recommendations of either, as the boo insider suggests, the general public or my close friends.

Maybe it's a bit of a Hot-or-not thing going on, but personally I always feel better about my decisions when I've got advice from the people that I trust.

So if I ask a friend if a particular shirt or jeans or whatever suits me based on their tastes and their knowledge of me and what I'd like - whether Jeans x or y would suit me better, or what label is cooler, what site is cheaper etc, and they can tell me, then it's a win-win situation.

It doesn't have to be just my friends advice either. What's that quote? "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet." Well based on what you like, if it's relevant to me and at the right time, I might just go for it.

That could be brought into so many ideas - for instance, just because I like one song from Mika doesn't mean I'll like all his music, but I might like songs like it.

Just because I thought Jim Carrey was hilarious in Ace Ventura doesn't mean I'd go to see the Number 23. Because I've been to Barcelona doesn't mean I'll rush back to Madrid. Etc etc etc

But you try telling Google that and where does it get you? Long complicated search terms is where.

And even then I may not like what I find...

So insider@boo I look very much forward to seeing what's on the way. As I've said before... make me love what I find!


  1. boo to you too

  2. just me or did anyone else catch the Burger king line in here? "What if You could be in control and have it your way?":-)