Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why I LOVE the interweb so much

How an Australian blogging beginner and Innocent smoothies just confirmed how cool the web is for me.

I've had two reactions to this story today. One was "Welcome to the 21st Century" and the other was "Well that would mean a lot more to you than me". And both are true.

But it has me smiling!

On the right, under the faoi mise section, is a list of things I like to do online -->

One of them is reading the innocent drinks blog daily. Dan, Ted and the others in Fruit Towers write really well and they've got a great community website - a fantastic example of how to do things properly online!

Anyways, today Dan at Innocent introduced us to Olive Riley.

In her own words "My name is Olive Riley. I live in Australia near Sydney. I was born in Broken Hill on Oct. 20th 1899."

Olive is 107. And she has started a blog called The Life of Riley.

She dictates to her helper Mike who types her blog. They've only started but they have visitors from Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Texas, India... and Dublin.

I find it remarkable and inspiring. How wonderful is the interweb for bringing us something like that?

What I really got a kick out of was when I posted a comment on her blog today, I got an email from Mike - yes, that Mike - asking for more information.

So you've got a 107 year old Australian Lady and Mike her helper blogging, Dan in London blogging about Olive, me in Dublin reading Dan's blog, posting and then hearing from Mike the helper same day.

The internet is just cool!

Or maybe as Niamh kindly pointed out this morning - I'm just easily impressed.

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