Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No one needs an editor

Is editing websites, making sure the spelling and grammar is correct and reads well, actually necessary?

People to my mammy: "What does Darragh do?"
My mammy: "Ah we works with computers in Dublin. Beyond that I don't know..."

It's funny how I fell into being a Web editor. Like my previous post, it's all about criticising (correcting) the work people do trying to improve it, in a nice way. But do I need to do what I do?

Was very amused by the email I received today from the IIA (Irish Internet Association)

I don't know if it's the January or February newsletter. But at the end of the day, does it actually matter?

Now it's very easy for me to sit on my ivory tower and find things wrong on the web.

The IIA does a very important job in this country on a miniscule budget with very few staff and practically no Government support that I know of, and so I'm delighted to see they're getting their website updated.

About time too.

I'm sorry but it IS the Internet Association of Ireland and yet on their website in 2007, part of its vision, including Internet EXCELLENCE is the phrase that their (very worthy) goals "are to be achieved by 2005. "

So the fact it's been changed is a very good thing indeed.

Similarly if you have a look at their blog page, the casual observer may think it's the IIA bloo...

But yet their blog is read, their newsletter is opened, their site is visited and all is well...

With txt spk, Cambridge Researchers and Bebo (have you read/deciphered some of the comments?), will I soon be out of a job?

After writing this post I had two thoughts

  1. Surely the web community in Ireland should support the IIA and say - well my contribution is going to be... design/ programming/ copywriting/ editing or whatever it is people do.

    Wouldn't a site representing the Irish Internet Community which features contributions and showcases the best of the talent out there be a good thing?

  2. As I said, it's easy for me to crtiticise, but wasn't it up to me as much as anyone to make a change?

    So this morning I emailed Fergal at the IIA and offered my copywriting/proof-reading skills for the new website when launched. He responded grateful for the offer. So there's a new project for me - one I think I'll enjoy!

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