Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sometimes a press release says it all: the twitter singles night

Subject line: "A complimentary Invitation to Ireland first Singles 'Twitter' party with"

Saturday October 31st will see the official launch of in a twitterparty. Ireland’s premier events dating company will launch Ireland’s first twitter party in Kobra Bar, Leeson Street at 8 pm.

Daters will be given twitter addresses if they do not have their own so their personal identities will not be revealed to other daters.

Daters can then flirt virtually on large television screens in the bar via their twitter accounts with other daters. If the flirting on screen goes well a pair of dates may want to take the flirting offline. And if both parties agree will release their names so that the daters can flirt face to face at the party.
Seriously now, what could I add to that?

Oh wait, this:
“Twitter offers a great new way for single people to have fun at our party and flirt virtually,” said Hugh Redmond from “Daters want to have fun and remain a bit mysterious initially and Twitter is ideal for this.”
So yeah.
Log on to to pre-register for the unique dating event which costs just 20 euro or ring 087-939-5381.
Halloween seems like the perfect time for it too.

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