Friday, June 12, 2009

"I'm going to twitter!!" - the #darraghchute movie

Well, I did it. €2129.99 so far.

Niamh and I made a very cheesy video of the day, which is below. Will try to do a higher quality version later. Also used footage from the Irish Parachute Club.

I was nervous. VERY nervous. Of course it wasn't "the first live tweet ever from an aircraft". I love the "I'm GOING TO TWITTER" yell!

There's so many DO NOT WANT expressions on my face, especially as the parachute opens, and basically, I was in bits for a while afterwards.

But I did it.

Once again, thanks to everyone who donated, blogged, tweeted and wished me well. As embarrassing as this video is, this one is for you :)

There's a far more professional documentary about the day right here:


  1. Brilliant, loved it! I prefer the first video thouvgh and your ashen face as you stumble towards me and the camera :P

  2. Dude! That is AMAZING! I am so proud of you :)

  3. How the fuh did you even get in to such a small aeroplane let alone jump out of it?
    I am peeing myself watching it. Please god I live long enough to have my kids not need me and I can do it too.

  4. Hey Darragh,

    so sorry I am soooo late in commenting, but previous attempts to view the vids were denied by my laptop :-(

    It *kinda* looked like a fun day! Definitely looked like an amazing experience, and I loved your facial expression.

    And thanks so much for all the money you raised for Carelocal - amazing!

  5. Congratulations dude! You've made it! That was so high, and what you've done was so amazing! God bless you Darragh. That was absolutely a heroic act. CHEERS!

  6. Aw, there was such a great vibe off you - looks fierce 'uplifting' *ahem*... I'd say you were bricking it when the parachute finally unfolded from the look on your face. I never really wanted to do this before for the same reason as Hammie, but I do now!!! You seemed in extremely safe hands.

    Well done, D. Seriously.

    PS. I hear the last 3 feet of the drop are the most dangerous... why didn't you bring a stepladder?!

  7. youre awesome!! I did it about 8 years ago and I loved it, and would definately do it again, well done it is so scary when youre up there and you dont get a chance to enjoy the feeling untill your feet hit the ground but isnt the feeling just incredible?? :D


  8. Funny. Got a funny video for the novice parachutists:)
    Only next time it is necessary to take the communicator and to compare the land with maps Google Maps - will be very interesting.